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About us

InsolitArt Tour organizes Guided and Dramatized Tours, Cultural and Thematic routes, entertaining Educational Workshops, Walking Tours, Urban and Naturalistic Trekking, Excursions.

InsolitArt Tour originates from the Commitment and Enthusiasm of Young smart “OwlsGraduates and Experts in the field of Cultural Heritage. They share the passion for Archeology, Architecture and Art in all its forms and expressions. InsolitArt Tour is dedicated to the Promotion and Dissemination of knowledge about the Historical-Artistic, Archaeological Heritage of the Italian territory and its territorial properties, stimulating the curiosity and interest of people and Conveying the importance of Preserving Cultural Heritage and landscape.

InsolitArt Tour benefiting from the professionalism of its employees, all with different skills and training, offers a range of dynamic and stimulating activities, designed to meet the needs and curiosity of both Italian as foreign clients.

In particular proposes a series of initiatives in the:

> Cultural: through the design, the planning and the realisation of Dramatized and Guided tours (traditional, artistic, personalized, thematic) and hiking trips whose aim is to promote to Italian and foreign clients the knowledge of Italy and Campania.

> Educational: through educational meetings and workshops at School, to raise awareness among children and young people of the Historical, Cultural and Artistic Heritage of the National and Regional territory.

> Preservation and Valorisation: To ensure, in accordance with private and public institutions the Preservation and Valorisation of Archeological, Natural, Monumental areas and Museums also through the direct management of the Association.


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