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The Valley of the Temples of Paestum

Among the treasures of the Archaeological Park, the three magnificent temples of Paestum, built between the VI and the V century B.C.
Together with the temples of Athens and Agrigento they represent the best preserved religious buildings of the Classical Age.
Since 1998 the Archaeological Park of Paestum is part of the World Cultural Heritage of Unesco.

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The Archaeological Ruins of Pompeii

“The ashes fell on the boats, hotter and thicker as they approached. Fragments of pumice and pebbles, blackened, burned and smashed up by the fire were falling down.. Then an unexpected slum, and the beach made impervious and unsuitable for the landfall…”
From the letters of Pliny the Younger

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Villa Poppaea

Villa Poppeae, part of the World Cultural Heritage of Unesco, is a majestic residential building, dated to the mid-Ist century A.D., restored during the eruption of Vesuvius.

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