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Exhibition of Contemporary Art “Muriel”

On the occasion of the initiative of the Municipality of Naples “Tenimmoce accussì“, which took place in the city during the celebrations of the International Day against Violence against Women, for the Rights of childhood and adolescence and transgender Day of remembrance and of that dedicated to the Rights of Migrants; InsolitArt Tour joined the event with the exhibition“Mulier” realized and conceived in collaboration with the Neapolitan Artist Sara Cerax.

Considering Art a fundamental tool of knowledge and dissemination, the exhibition“Mulier”, expression of a new and unconventional language, was born with the aim of sensitizing the community to the current phenomena of feminicide, trans-exclusion discrimination and immigration.

The undisputed protagonist of the works is the Woman, spokesperson and expression of social themes, particularly dear and felt by the artist; from the origins instead partenopee of the artist, derive the mythological and traditional themes, the call to the Neapolitan mermaid and the Sea, Soul of Naples but, also tragic witness of the migratory landings.

Date: 30 November – 18 dicember 2018

Location: Palazzetto Urban in Via Concezione a Montecalvario, 26 (nei pressi della Galleria Umberto I).

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