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Fall in love with the vitality and the history of Naples and Campania!

Our tours involve the five senses: you will see the most beautiful artworks, buildings and landscapes in the world. Smell the perfumes of small towns embraced by the sea and kissed by the sun. Taste the real flavor of Campania food. Touch the folkloristic items which make Naples a unique city in the world. Hear the songs and the vibrant voices of the locals. Sing and dance with them!

Join us in the discovery of the sites belonging to the World Cultural Heritage of Unesco, throughout Campania!

Let yourself be enchanted by the treasures and the archaeological remains kept inside the most important museums of the country!

Join us in the discovery of the sites belonging to the World Cultural Heritage of Unesco, throughout Campania!

Experience the emotion of strolling along the streets in an ancient Roman town. Visit the buildings and the temples. Let yourself be moved by the plasters casts, representing the citizens of Pompeii trying to escape their fate! Admire the frescos, the sculptures and other particular items dating back to a very distant past.

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InsolitArt Tour plans Guided and Dramatized tours, Unusual and Thematic Itineraries, Walking Tours and Hikes throughout Campania and Italy. We are a passionate and heterogeneous team, with different skills and trainings , driven by the enthusiasm for Art, Archaeology, Architecture and Nature. We work with Authorised Tour Guides and a Highly Specialised Staff, to give you the best experience in your life!

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Discover with us the wonderful treasures kept in some of the most prestigious museums in the world!
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Discover with us the Wonders and Treasures kept in Naples, in Campania and Italy!!!


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